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Welcome to Dave Vandy's Studio


David's Background

David Vandy was born and raised in Whitley Bay, a seaside town on the North East Coast side of England. With spectacular landscape and ocean views abounding in the region, David developed a passion for artistic expression at a young age that would linger to this day-fifty year later. His dedication to painting was tempered by a successful real estate career, but regained momentum during his lengthy retirement years. Although many of his skills were self-taught and founded upon an outstanding natural talent, he honed them with several art courses- some of which were taken at recognized institutions such as the Newcastle Art Academy in the UK and the Victoria College of Art in Victoria, BC.

Mr. Vandy has worked in multiple mediums including pencil, oils, pastels and acrylics. However, in the last 28 years, he has essentially leaned towards the use of acrylics, a personal choice that was better suited to his particular style.

His choice of subjects is unlimited and varied. Without boundaries, he excels in painting topics such as vivid landscapes, semi-abstract, and true-to-life representations. As well and worthy to mention, his passion for architecture led to the creation of conceptual drawings requested by clients during his extensive working career as a realtor.


His fine work has been recognized and sold locally - exhibitions having taken place in several galleries in smaller centers such as Qualicum Beach, BC or in larger venues as in Calgary, Alberta.  To this day, Mr. Vandy continues to paint voraciously, and in doing so,  satiates his love of the craft and expands his magnificent portfolio to our never-ending delight.


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Victoria, BC, Canada